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Episode 1

What Makes Someone an Ileach?

2 March 2024

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What Makes Someone an Ileach?
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This first episode of Season 3 focuses on the people of Islay, and specifically "What makes someone an Ileach?"

Greig Barker interviews Islay High School students, Russell Pollock speaks to Samantha MacArthur and the podcast team gathers various views on the subject.

We would like to thank Islay High School students Diura Paterson and Matthew Campbell, and Glasgow University student Samantha MacArthur for their participation in this episode.

We would also like to thank those Facebook users who responded to our posts.

Support from Islay High School and use of Studio facilities much appreciated.

Written, produced and presented by:

Greig Barker, Jean MacLellan, Tom O'Farrell, Russell Pollock, Glen Roberts and Jolyon Thurgood

Episode 30 (S3/1)
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